A Perfect Pair


When Mango asked me to be her makeup artist, I knew it was going to be a truly gorgeous wedding morning and even more so a beautiful wedding.

That morning I’d driven through thick fog which hid the stunning and breathtaking views which I saw on my way back home. Driven down single lane roads, over cattle grids and through beautiful woodland, I arrived to be greeted by Mango and her bridal party who were such a help and had the cups of tea following.

The morning was full of laughter, stories, lots of Airbase makeup and lashes! The bridesmaids were an absolute giggle to be around and a pleasure to make up. When you have a lady in the chair and she says ‘do what you like’ you know they are laid back. We went for a medium coverage on most of the ladies and this is where the Airbase came into it’s own, giving that flawless finish without feeling heavy or cakey.

The Champagne was poured (not too early on) the hair was in full swing and the makeup schedule was running like clockwork. I always do a time schedule for the morning so the hairdresser and myself aren’t trying to work on the same lady at the same time. No one wants uneven eyebrows or wonky lips!

Mango and Patrick held their celebrations at LordStones Country Park which was stunning. Even in the mist and rain showers they looked amazing and what a great wedding day they both had.
It was an absolute honor and pleasure being Mango’s makeup artist. Please can we do it all again!

Here are some of the stunning photo’s from their special day thanks to Claire HIrst Photography

Alexa van PaghComment