Bridal Makeup Trends 2018

Images by - Kurt Wilberding, Maria Valentino

So what has New York Bridal Fashion Week set as the 2018 makeup trends? I know you're going to love them even if you take one part of the trend. Bridal makeup is all about enhancing your natural beauty, not trying to cover it.

1. Starting with your skin.

Remember to treat your skin as the canvas of your makeup and overall finish. If you don't have much of a skincare routine then that needs to change, there is only so much a makeup can do to make your makeup flawless. Take the time to look after your skin and you will love the results.

Around 85% of my brides ask for the natural, radiant look for their wedding day so I concentrate on preparing the skin, using a range of products without leaving the skin feeling heavy. You want your skin to breath through the product and makeup. 

To make the skin pop and give the radiant look without it being over highlighted, I add a couple of drops of illuminating product to your moisturiser which will glow through your foundation. If you use a pearly tone this will soften the overall look. For a more healthy glow, i'd go more for a bronzed tone.

2. Capturing the blush.

To compliment your polished skin we will look at the natural flush your cheeks get, like when you step outside on a frosty morning. That is your natural blush colour is the best one to match to for your wedding day. It will keep the overall makeup look fresh and romantic.

Creme blushers give that soft inner blush finish and can also be used on the lips so compliment perfectly. Working the colour in gradually into the apples of your cheeks where you would naturally flush and working towards your hairline to soften the look.

3. A sweep of colour

I have found the most striking eye tones to use on the lids are a soft champagne or subtle taupe colour and even a gentle pale pink (depending on your eye colour). You don't need to go all Insta heavy!
Use a liner to compliment the colour of your eyes and the colour you've chosen for your lids. Either go for a sharp liquid or gel line or if you're wanting a more subtle line, use an eye shadow or a pencil that's slightly smudged. What works for one person isn't always going to work for you and remember everyone's eye shapes are different.

4. Eyebrows

Don't forget those eyebrows. If you're not one for having them shaped and tinted, just remember to remove those little hairs from the center of your brows as the camera lens will pick them up and it's never a good look!
To have a more natural defined brow, I would use a pencil to fill in any gaps and create hair strokes. I will then go over with a shadow or a gel very lightly to add that definition. The slightly thicker brow shape is still one of my favorites.

5. An Enticing Pout 

Firstly, start using lip balm on a daily basis to keep those lips hydrated and nourished. You really don't want dry lips on your wedding day or in fact on any day. If you find on your wedding morning your lips are still a little dry, apply more lip balm that morning as this will keep them plumped but as your makeup artist, we carry a gentle lip scrub to help reduce the dry look and will always add a little balm before we start with your base.

The best colours are those which compliment your blush so nothing that's going to clash. If I have used a creme blush I would also dap this onto the lips, keeping the romantic fresh look. If you're wanting a more bold look I would line the lips and blend then add a matte based lip colour full of pigment and then conceal around the lip line to make your lips really stand out and keep them looking sharp.

The last step is always a setting spray and no I don't mean hairspray although I have heard people doing this! Nope not me. The setting spray I use will keep your skin and makeup hydrated throughout the day and will keep your  makeup in place.

I hope you have found this useful and given you some thoughts ahead of your bridal trials.


Alexa x

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