A Yorkshire Wedding

Now who doesn't dream of their wedding day and being taken to church in a horse drawn carriage? Well that was one of Sarah's dreams and it came true but that part will come shortly...

The morning of Sarah's wedding, the sun was beaming which was amazing for a summer's day in Yorkshire! The family home was buzzing with excited activity, bacon sandwiches and drinks flowed all morning which was the perfect fuel to getting all the girls ready. Laughter, stories and so much more embraced the conservatory where I had set up the makeup station, I love those relaxed mornings and to see the bride to be surrounded by family and close friends it just perfect.  

Now there were two that kind of stole the attention on the morning and I think Hollie (amazing photographer) would agree. These gorgeous pugs decided to keep me company, I couldn't help but keep smiling. 

Once I had finished the final touches getting those pouts picture perfect, I packed away my Airbase and makeup kit and headed out the door only to be greeted by two beautiful horses and a breathtaking carriage. So as I said earlier, who doesn't want to be taken to church is style! Seeing Sarah's father helping her into the carriage and the smile across Sarah's face, well I actually had a few tears running down my face. it was an honor to be part of this truly magical day. 

Here are some more images for you to indulge in, enjoy x

Photography - Hollie at Elliott Photography